I love Publix.

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They have great stores across Alabama and Florida, as well as other states.

I guess even gators want a chance to browse in a local Publix store.

In this case, however, police had to be called to remove the alligator from the Publix lot.

*From Facebook/Pinellas Park Police Dept.

The gator was right around six feet long, or should I say, the reptile was about six feet long.

My favorite part of this story was the witness statements that said "the gator was obeying all traffic laws".

Thank goodness for that.

As the temps heat up, experts say the gators are looking for cooler air. In this case, the gator wanted some AC to relax in for a little while


It's hard to blame him.

The good folks from the Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission report that the "reptile" was relocated back to a body of water.

Let's hope that he stays there.

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