That headline has so many jokes that could go along with it but it's way too easy.

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Here we go again!

Alabama making national news and getting shared by everyone on social media.

How does it make us Alabamians look?

Well, you are gonna have to be the judge.

All I know is that I wanted to turn away from the video but I just could not do it.

The old "traffic accident" analogy comes to mind.

Maybe this is worse than a traffic accident.

At the very least with the world as screwed up as it is right now, this should provide a few laughs.

The choice of musical soundtrack truly makes this video a homerun.

WARNING: Once you view this video, you can not unsee it!

I just don't want to be blamed for anything after you watch the video.

Are you ready?

Let's watch this lady doing her thing right here in the state of Alabama.

Oh, yeah, can you guess what city in Alabama this happened in?

a: Tuscaloosa

b: Mobile

c: Huntsville

Do you even need multiple choice?

Here we go!



@true.crime.mama#mobile#alabama#mobileal#fyp#stripper#fyp♬ I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper) (feat. Mike Jones) - T-Pain
*From True Crime Mama/TikTok
Now, take that visual with you wherever you go today.

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