Dr. Karen Thompson-Jackson, the Junior League of Tuscaloosa's first African-American president from 2018 to 2019, has recently garnered national recognition. As a distinguished member of the Junior League of Tuscaloosa, she was invited to speak at a highly anticipated event at the Association of Junior Leagues International (JLI), which was sold out.

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This also created a historical moment as she was the first woman from the JLT to present on the national platform of the Association of Junior Leagues International.

“Speaking at a sold-out event was an immensely impactful and energizing experience. The realization that every seat was filled to hear my thoughts and insights was both humbling and exhilarating,” said Thompson-Jackson. “It instilled a sense of responsibility and eagerness to connect with the audience, sharing my message in the most engaging way possible.”

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The Association of Junior Leagues International

Thompson-Jackson conducted a workshop titled "Collaborative Conversations: A Reframing of Difficult Conversations" during the recent Organizational Development Institute (ODI) from November 3 to 5. This workshop, exclusively designed for Junior League members, was held in Washington, D.C., and received considerable acclaim, making it a momentous occasion for the Junior League community.

“This Was About Creating a Moment of Shared Understanding and Inspiration”

During her captivating talk, Thompson-Jackson imparted valuable knowledge and techniques on how to navigate difficult conversations with valuable insight and effective strategies to facilitate more constructive and successful conversations in challenging situations.

Redefining Challenging Dialogues

“Reframing difficult conversations into collaborative constructive conversations is crucial because it fosters effective communication and understanding about oneself,” Thompson-Jackson. “This approach not only enhances problem-solving and decision-making in a professional setting but also strengthens relationships and team dynamics. Similarly, in personal life, mastering this skill is equally important. It allows for healthier, more understanding, and empathetic interactions with others, leading to stronger personal relationships.”

Dr. Karen Thompson-Jackson's Thoughts on

Why the Junior League of Tuscaloosa is Important

“Organizations like the Junior League of Tuscaloosa are vital for communities due to our focus on advancing women's leadership and fostering meaningful community impact through volunteerism, collaboration, and training,” said Thompson-Jackson.

She also said that empowering women as key agents of change and improvement within the community is extremely important. “Junior Leagues not only address community needs but also cultivate a sense of solidarity and engagement among members.”

Click here for more information about Dr. Karen Thompson-Jackson and her contributions to the Junior League community. Click here to find out more about the Junior League of Tuscaloosa.

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