Sweet tea and college football are some of the things Alabama is known for, along with welcoming people visitors and making them feel right at home.

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If someone asked many of us in the south to name a city with rude people, most of us would probably say New York or Los Angeles. Some may even say Detroit or Boston. We probably wouldn’t pick a major city from the “Sweet home” Alabama... right?

The Business Insider, along with Survey Monkey, conducted research to determine which cities were perceived to have the rudest people in them. Believe it or not, one of ours did make the list of rudest cities in the country.

The cities were ranked for how rude the people there were perceived to be from the least to greatest and it may or may not surprise you which one of our cities made the list.

Rude black woman driver arguing and driving car

How did they take the sample to get the survey results?

According to Business Insider, 2,092 respondents were polled with a margin of error of 2%. When the results were released, the usual cities such as New York, Los Angeles and others that people associate with rudeness made the top portion of the list.

Birmingham, Alabama, USA downtown cityscape at dusk.
Sean Pavone

Per the article, coming in at No. 11 on the top 25 cities known for being rude was none other than the “Magic City,” Birmingham, AL. The data showed that 9.4% of those who took the survey named Birmingham as one of the ruder cities.

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