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So when you think about scorpions do you think you would find one in Alabama?

If you said no then you are wrong! 

Yes, we have them here living among us.

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Creepy right?

So the Hentz Striped Scorpion and the Southern Unstriped Scorpion, also called the Southern Devil Scorpion, call Alabama home.

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Before you panic these scorpions are not deadly to us, but the sting of these critters is excruciating. 

They can get into our homes via small cracks or open doors. Not what I would consider a viable roommate. 

Bet you cant see it.

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Where have they been spotted before? Forget about the usual tiny crevices and corners we all have in our homes. How about under the covers as you lay your head down to get some sleep! Yes sharing your bed with a scorpion is not something any of us would want. Yet it is very common to find one lurking in your bed. 

These scorpions are not very big in size. Which means not easy to spot.

The Hentz Striped Scorpion.


This tiny critter is just over 2 inches long. The coloring is light tan to brown and they are considered one of the smallest, but not the smallest, in the scorpion world. They like to hide in dark places and are known to be shy.

Is there a benefit to finding one living around you?

Yes, there is! They love to eat insects like cockroaches!  So if you find one inside your home, carefully remove it from inside your home and find a dark area in your yard for free insect control!

Now for our next subject…the Southern Unstriped Scorpion.

This fellow is even smaller than the Hentz Scorpion so it’s not easily spotted. These little guys are mostly brown and spend most of their time in hiding. They like to hide in piles of debris, brick foundations, and under stones or logs in your yard.

Before you ask, yes these little guys also have been known to wander into our homes. These are venomous scorpions but the venom is not deadly to us. Experts compare it to the venom of a bee or wasp sting. Painful but not necessarily deadly.

So for the sake of safety, check your shoes before you put them on. Check between your sheets before bedtime. Look for cracks where these buggers can find a way into your home and repair them.

Lastly, if you find one in your home remove it or call a professional to have it safely removed from your humble abode.

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