We all have a pretty good idea of what to expect during the Bama football season. People in the quad tailgating, vendors selling Tide merchandise and everyone down on The Strip enjoying the bars and restaurants.

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But this year, The Strip has something new for safety's sake.

As a way to help protect pedestrians, temporary speed bumps will be deployed along University Blvd. The speed bumps are there to help slow traffic down while going up and down the strip.

Welcome To The Strip Sign - Photo by Noah Leuker
(Noah Leuker)

City Councilman John Faile shared his feelings on the speed bumps being put out with CBS 42.

“I think it will be a good thing and it will slow some people down but what it will do is discourage people from riding and cruising through there," Faile said.

“A lotta of the problem is people don’t get out, and they just ride around to look what’s going on.”

The overall goal is safety and to discourage any disorderly behavior.

(Photo Courtesy of the Tuscaloosa Police Department)
(Photo Courtesy of the Tuscaloosa Police Department)

Per CBS 42's reporting, Tuscaloosa Assistant Police Chief Heath Clark shares the same feeling about the safety for everyone this football season.

“The ones going out on University Boulevard will be temporary speed bumps," Clark said.

"UAPD officers will be deploying those out at nighttime with heavy traffic with pedestrians. What we are trying to do is get folks to pay more attention to their driving, to make sure they realize they are in a heavy pedestrian area.”

The Speed bumps will be deployed out mid-week and will remain in place until after the weekend.

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