Ok, WHY do YOU need to RUN if you notice purple paint across the state of Alabama?

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If you see purple paint on a tree, fence, piece of wood or building in Alabama would you have any idea what the purple paint posted really means?


You see, purple paint has become the new "NO TRESPASSING" sign in Alabama, and a few other states as well.

Alabama is one of the states that has made purple paint postings a law which carries the same legal consequences/issues as a "no trespassing" sign.

It was really made a law so farmers could protect their land across the state of Alabama.

Watch this for more info:

Video: YouTube/Southeastern Land Group

What if you are just a Holt Ironmen fan?

OR, many other schools in Alabama with purple as one of the main colors?

Well, you will also be able to use that to keep people off your property.

What if you're color blind? I'm not trying to be contrary here but that's a legit question in my view.

According to alfafarmers.org, If property is properly marked with purple paint or posted with "no trespassing" signs, it can then be assumed anyone entering the property knew it was someone else's property, even if they claim to not have seen the sign.

Purple paint markers are sufficient to establish the "knowing" or "willful" part of the trespassing law or violation of that law, again, all according to alfafarmers.org.

Make any sense?

Well, just wanted to help get the word out for the people of Alabama in hopes that nobody needlessly gets hurt.

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