It’s about that time. After watching Finesse2TymesReal Boston RicheyLola Brooke and Fridayy's Freshman cypher, today, the final cypher for the 2023 XXL Freshman Class arrives. This one features bars from Rob49, SleazyWorld Go, DC The Don, Luh Tyler, TiaCorine and 2Rare. It's time you see the skills that got them here in the first place. Pioneering producer Pi'erre Bourne crafts the ominous trap beat.

First up is New Orleans' Rob49, who gets off some flexes that double as put-downs against his naysayers. "Man, they gotta try something else, that hatin' s**t ain't workin', huh/Ghost came with the curtains, bad h*es see me and get nervous, n***a/I know what it take, you won't boss up from a worker, n***a," Rob delivers.

Building off the momentum of Rob's verse is SleazyWorld Go, who keeps things gritty with a grim reminder of what it takes to survive in a climate that's been unkind to rap stars: "R.I.P. to all the rappers that have lost they life to guns/F**k all that 'Puttin' ’em guns down,' wanna survive, then get you one/Think the glizzy knew Ice Spice how this b***h like to munch/My shooter short, but like Columbus he know how to stunt."

10th spot selection DC The Don also makes his presence known. Coasting over Pi'erre's production, the Milwaukee spitter pulls up with his own barrage of braggadocio: "Eh, eh, eh, who that, it's the man/Geeked up at the party, we don't pop no Xans/Pi'erre made the f**kin' beat, I play with them bands." At age 17, Luh Tyler is the youngest Freshman this year, but he brings a natural confidence he's already grown into. Here, he keeps things as sly and mellow as they are straightforward. "I done took a lotta n****s' b****es, that's why they don't like me/Pull up to the jeweler, drop a bag and tell that n***a ice me/I been runnin' through these raps, I swear this s**t get pricey/All them bitches s**ted on me back then wanna be my wifey."

Hailing from Winston-Salem, N.C., TiaCorine brings a sprightly flow into the mix, letting loose percussive couplets laced with effortless charisma: "We gon' open your b***h, novel/We gon' put you in dirt, fossil/All I got bread in my hand, waffle/And that p***y look just like falafel." With a quick-fire delivery and plenty of personality, Tia did what she had to do. The same goes for closer 2Rare, a Philadelphia MC that drips confidence and style. "I got the whole world really shakin' they hips/Uzi and Drake, you know how sticky that get," he raps over the hammering percussion.

Take a look as the six Freshman put their skills to the test in their cypher below.

Watch 2023 XXL Freshman Cypher With Rob49, SleazyWorld Go, DC The Don, Luh Tyler, TiaCorine and 2Rare

The Freshman issue of XXL magazine hits stands everywhere on July 18. See Finesse2tymesRob49FridayyGloRilla2RareSleazyWorld GoLola Brooke, Central CeeReal Boston RicheyLuh TylerTiaCorine and DC The Don's official Freshman pages. In addition to interviews with all 12 artists in the 2023 Class and Freshman cyphers producer Pi'erre Bourne, it includes interviews with Lil Baby, NLE Choppa, Boosie BadAzz, Toosii, DDG, Saba, producer Go Grizzly, engineer Jaycen Joshua, singer Coco Jones, SinceThe80s' President Barry "Hefner" Johnson and AEW wrestler Swerve Strickland, plus a look back at what the 2022 XXL Freshman Class is doing, hip-hop's love for golfing featuring Scarface, OMB Peezy and pro golfer Harold Varner III, conversations with 10 new artists making noise and a deep dive into A.I. hip-hop songs. You can also buy the 2023 XXL Freshman Class issue here.

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