42 Dugg was given the task of wrapping 1,000 forks a day in prison for making excuses about why he couldn't do other jobs.

42 Dugg Talks Prison Experience

On Nov. 23, Gillie Da Kid and Wallo's Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast aired its latest interview featuring 42 Dugg, who was released from prison after a six-month bid last month. During the interview, which can be seen in full below, the Detroit rapper talked about his experience behind bars, including being given the time-consuming task of wrapping thousands of forks.

"Soon as I get in there, I'm like, how the f**k I'm get out of here?" Dugg recounted at the 45:20 mark of the interview below. "I tell the lady, 'You know, I can't be on my feet. I got shot.' So, she made me wrap 1,000 forks. She made me wrap 1,000 forks, all morning. Every morning, until I got out of there."

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42 Dugg Serves Six Months in Prison

Back in April, Dugg was sentenced to one year in prison for failure to report, stemming from the CMG rhymer catching federal gun charges back in 2020. In May, Dugg made a desperate plea from prison, claiming he was being housed in inhumane conditions.

"Man, I'm in this b***h heating my food up with water from the nasty a** shower—they don't even give us hot water to heat food up," he wrote on Instagram. "Ain't no microwave, I can't get no visits from my family, nothing. I'm sure they gone do some more illegal s**t but what I ’pose to die in this b***h for probation violation?"

Dugg was released on Oct. 16, after serving six months of his one-year sentence.

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See 42 Dugg explaining how he had to wrap 1,000 forks a day for making excuses in prison below.

Watch 42 Dugg's Full Interview on Million Dollaz Worth of Game 

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