Popular Kick streamer Adin Ross goes off on YBN Nahir for demanding $100,000 to fight in Adin's upcoming boxing event.

Adin Ross Disses YBN Nahmir

Adin Ross is currently trying to put together another boxing match, following his inaugural event back in January. On Thursday (Feb. 22), Adin shared video on social media, which can be seen below, that shows him playing audio of YBN Nahmir going off on him.

"You the same n***a that paid $2 million for a n***a to sit next to you," Nahmir snaps, in reference to Adin allegedly paying Playboi Carti $2 million for a six-minute interview. "Don't mention me in some bulls**t. I don't give a f**k about no free promo, no d**k-holding s**t ’cause I'm not that type of n***a."

Adin then gives a vitriolic response to Nahmir.

"Nahmir, you are not worth $100,000," Adin snaps. "You fell off. You suck at music. You failed your music career. I got no disrespect to show but that. Nahmir, you're nothing, you're nobody and your career sucks. He wanted 100 bands to fight. You are nowhere near 100 bands...F**k you."

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YBN Nahmir Responds to Adin Ross

Nahmir responded to Ross's inflammatory remarks on Instagram Live, and said he's still very much down to fight if the streamer wants smoke.

"This n***a @adinross poppin it cause I lant wanna box for no 20K," Nahmir wrote. "Yeah we said we ain't doing that s**t n***a.....now u gonna have to box me adin...u asked for it. N***a Yess imma ask for a 100K cause I AIN'T need no 20K u tripping??"

He continued, "Y'all tag this n***a adin Ross tell em we gonna have to set this s**t up. @jakepaul call me cuz @adinross we gonna have to do this big. In front of the [world emoji]."

Ross has yet to respond to Nahmir.

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See video of Adin Ross going off on YBN Nahmir for requesting $100,000 to fight in Adins's boxing event.

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