Cam'ron and Ma$e have jokes about people replacing the term "pause" with "No Diddy."

Cam'ron and Ma$e Jokingly Explore the Viral Use of "No Diddy" Over "Pause"

On Monday (March 25), Cam'ron and Ma$e dropped the latest episode of their It Is What It Is podcast. At the start of the wildly popular sports talk show, the two hip-hop legends exchange pleasantries about their respective weekends. However, the conversation quickly turned toward the new slang term "No Diddy," which has gone viral in recent days as a replacement phrase for "pause" or "No homo."

"How did y'all feel about the weekend?" Ma$e asks Cam'ron and co-host Treasure "Stat Baby" Wilson. "They changed the term for 'pause.'"

"I was wondering how you felt about that," Cam'ron laughs as he replies seemingly in reference to Ma$e's long, storied past with Diddy. "You know why, ’cause I knew that last week and I was like, 'I'm not gon' be first.' I said, 'This is really a Betha call. ’Cause I didn't want you to think I was coming at you, pause, no type of way. If I said it first, I didn't want you to think I was trying to offend you. I ain't trying to be funny but that's what's going on out there. How do you feel about it?"

After Cam jokes that potentially switching up their often-used terminology could cause a "conflict of interest" for Ma$e, Betha offers his opinion on the newly coined phrase "No Diddy." The Harlem rapper-turned-podcaster implies that the term doesn't necessarily have the same ring to it as "pause" does.

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Where Does the Term "No Diddy" Come From and What Does it Mean?

The newly minted slang term "No Diddy" is currently being used on social media instead of phrases like "pause" or "No homo," which originated in the hip-hop world back in the 1990s. In conversation, the terms are often used to ensure that there is little to no confusion that a person can be considered a homosexual. It appears as though the increasingly common use of "No Diddy" stems from Diddy's multiple recent lawsuits that find the Bad Boy Entertainment mogul accused of sexual abuse.

Despite the potentially offensive nature of the terms "No Diddy," "pause" and "No homo," it does appear that both Killa Cam and Murda Ma$e have their ears to the street and their eyes on the internet.

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In the video below, watch Cam'ron and Ma$e joke about "No Diddy" replacing the term "pause."

Watch Cam'ron and Ma$e Joke About the Term "No Diddy" on Their It Is What It Is Podcast

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