Childish Gambino responds to his rumored beef with Kid Cudi.

Childish Gambino Addresses Kid Cudi Shade

On Sunday (April 14), Childish Gambino hopped on his GILGA Radio Livestream on Instagram to chat with his fans and preview some new music. He also took a moment to respond to a rumored beef with Kid Cudi.

"Kid Cudi, if you got a problem, I’m not here for the beef," Gambino said in the video below. "Just talk to me. Actually talk to people. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we also don’t have to be like, 'Yeah, when I see you, we have to wanna kill each other.' It’s like, I don’t—man, life is too short.'"

Gambino's words come after a fan had previously urged Cudi on X, formerly known as Twitter, to work with Gambino back in February whether it be in music, TV, film or any other medium.

"I'm cool," Cudder wrote in response.

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Kid Cudi Squashes Numerous Beefs

The tension between Cudder and Childish Gambino came as a surprise since the former appears to be in a pretty forgiving mood lately. He kicked off 2024 by resolving his decade-long feud with Lupe Fiasco back in January.

"Just talked to Lupe. Had a great talk. I know I was wrong and told him I shouldnt have did that f**k s**t I did," Cudder revealed on X. "I called myself lookin out for the fans in the moment, but in reality I was just hating. I apologized and he accepted it."

Additionally, back in December of 2023, Cudi reunited with Ye at a Vultures listening event following their very public falling out in 2022 over Pete Davidson, who was dating Ye's ex-wife Kim Kardashian at the time.

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Watch Childish Gambino respond to his rumored Kid Cudi beef below.

Watch Childish Gambino Respond to Rumored Kid Cudi Beef

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