Danny Brown is no longer scared of dying now that he's sober.

Danny Brown Explains Why He's No Longer Afraid to Die

In an interview published by Rolling Stone on Friday (Sept. 1), Danny Brown sat down to speak at length about his recent stint in rehab, his struggles with sobriety for many years and his new outlook on both life and music. At one point during the eye-opening conversation, the Detroit MC speaks candidly about at one time being afraid of death and how he views the inevitable now that he's sober.

"I was scared of this shit," Danny Brown tells Rolling Stone regarding the idea of passing away given his newfound spirituality. "Now, I just look at it like, 'Man, when it's the time, it's the time.' It's almost like life is a school, and when you die, it's graduation. When the higher power is ready for you to graduate, you'll graduate. And obviously, I haven't done what I'm supposed to here."

Danny Brown Says Rehab Was a Humbling Experience

When Danny Brown completed his rehabilitation program for alcohol and drugs this past May, the "Grown Up" spitter used his podcast platform, The Danny Brown Show, to reveal to the world that his time spent during recovery had been a very humbling experience.

"I will say, man, being in treatment and all that s**t, one thing it did do, it humbled the f**k out of me," Danny Brown explained. "Like a lot of these muthaf****s, man, that's in there, you know, they had drinking problems, drug problems and all that s**t, they got to go back to work. They gotta go and work a real regular 9-to-5 job, like, you know, I have one of the best jobs in the f**king world, man. And so, I was taking a lot of s**t for granted, man. So I will say, man, like, I’m back. Your boy is back."

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Why Did Danny Brown Go to Rehab?

Danny Brown first revealed he was checking himself into a rehab program back at the tail end of March via Twitter. After an image-damaging rant aimed at both his management and record label, Danny explained to his fan base that alcohol was the real root of his problems.

"Aye chill out with all the #FreeDanny s**t I was drunk and talking s**t and that's why my dumb a*s is checking into treatment tomorrow," Danny Brown wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "Got nothing but love for dart and warp so chill out the album is mastered."

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Now, with his addictions firmly in the rearview, Danny Brown is approaching life and music in a much more focused way. He says he views his forthcoming album, Quaranta, as a chance to remedy his past mistakes. The LP is slated to drop this fall and follows his recent joint effort with JPEGMAFIA, Scaring the H*es, which was released back in March.

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