Diddy has been pictured for the first time since he settled Cassie's explosive lawsuit accusing him of years of sexual and physical abuse, and the Bad Boy founder looks despondent in the snap shots.

Diddy Pictured Post Lawsuit Settlement

Diddy has taken over the headlines following news breaking about Cassie filing a lawsuit against the rap-mogul, which includes accusations of over a decade of sexual, physical and mental abuse. On Sunday (Nov. 19), Puff was photoed by paparazzi looking despondent. In the first photo, which can be seen below, Diddy appears to be at a restaurant. One photo shows him with his head in his hands. The second photo shows Diddy hunched over with his arms wrapped around his body.

Some people online have pointed out the possibility of the photos being staged as a reason to drum up sympathy for Puff.

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Cassie Files Explosive Lawsuits, Diddy Immediately Settles

As previously reported, on Nov. 16, Cassie filed a civil lawsuit against Diddy in New York federal court. The lawsuit alleges Diddy provided Cassie, born Casandra Ventura, with copious amounts of drugs and coerced her to have sex with numerous male prostitutes while Diddy watched at events called "freak offs" throughout their relationship from 2007-2018. The suit also claims Diddy raped Cassie and assaulted her on multiple occasions.

"After yeas of silence I am finally ready to tell my story," Cassie said in a statement. "And to speak up for myself and for the benefit of women who face violence and abuse in their relationships."

Diddy's attorney Ben Brafman vehemently denied the allegations. However, Diddy settled the lawsuit the following day.

"We have decided to resolve this matter amicably. I wish Cassie and her family all the best. Love," Diddy told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

Brafman has since released a statement saying Diddy's settlement is not an admission of guilt.

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See the first photos of Diddy since he settled his lawsuit with Cassie below.

Check Out the New Diddy Photos

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