Diddy's former bodyguard claims the disgraced hip-hop mogul once flew in a surgeon to repair Kim Porter's broken nose.

Diddy's Ex-Bodyguard Claims Puff Hired Surgeon to Fix Kim Porter's Broken Nose

Diddy's former bodyguard Roger Bonds revealed in a DJ Vlad interview that the Bad Boy Records founder once flew in a surgeon to fix Kim Porter's broken nose.

In the June 3 clip, which can be viewed below, Bonds recalled a 2005 incident in which he escorted Diddy and Porter who were headed on yacht vacation. Although he was not permitted to go with them on their cruise, when they returned, he saw that Porter had a broken nose.

"I can't tell you what this situation was over. I took them to where the yacht came and picked them up," Bonds told Vlad. "Puff said, 'I don’t need no security as it was just personal friends getting on the yacht.' And then I picked them up when the yacht came back, and I seen Kim’s nose taped up."

DJ Vlad added that according to reports, Diddy got into an argument with Porter and allegedly punched her in the nose. Bonds added that Diddy claimed that Porter "hit a table" during their trip. Vlad then showed Bonds a photo of Porter with a band-aid on her nose, to which Bonds confirmed that was how she looked back then.

Bonds also stated that Porter appeared "quiet" and "sad" after the trip and had a bandage over her nose for several weeks. Eventually, Diddy flew in a surgeon to repair Porter's nose.

"Yeah, he definitely did. He flew in a plastic surgeon," Bonds confirmed. "Puff will fly in whatever you need to cover hisself up, you know what I'm saying?"

"He's going to fly in your doctors so that he can know—he was controlling when it came to Kim," he continued.

"So he would fly in doctors anything that if anything was wrong with it, that it wouldn't get leaked out...he was able to control the situation," he concluded.

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Former Bodyguard Witnessed Diddy-Cassie Domestic Violence

Elsewhere in the DJ Vlad interview, Bonds shared one particularly disturbing instance where he claimed to have witnessed Cassie assaulting Diddy during their turbulent relationship, and vice versa. The former Head of Security explained that he has tried on multiple occassions to stop the violence between them.

"Her and Puff was fightin' and I broke it up again," Bonds recalled an incident that happened while they were being chauffeured in a Cadillac. "I put Puff in the front seat and I put Cassie in the back seat. He was just sitting there and I was like, 'Yo, y'all can't be actin' up like this, man,' and then Cassie had punched him in the face rightfully."

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Watch Roger Bonds' interview where he details some of the alleged domestic abuse he witnessed between Diddy and Kim Porter below.

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