Doechii is fed up with being shaded by Azealia Banks. The TDE artist hit Banks with a swift and pointed comeback after Azaelia's recent implication that Doechii is a "wannabe."

Azealia Banks Shades Doechii and the Swamp Princess Claps Back

On Tuesday (April 9), Azealia Banks hit up the comments section on an Instagram post from Doechii that finds the Tampa, Fla. rapper addressing her fans. After Doechii asked her followers to help come up with a name for her increasingly growing fan base, Banks took the post as an opportunity to throw shade Doechii's way. In response, the Top Dawg Entertainment rapper-singer swung back with a quick jab.

"ok y'all… what should our fandom name be?" Doechii asks in the IG post below.

To that, Azealia Banks replied: "Definitely should call them the 'wannabe's.'"

"@azealiabanksfoever the first time you came for me I let it slide outta respect for my elders," Doechii claps back. "It's not my fault you sellin bussy soap and I'm sellin platinum records. Leave me alone PLEASE."

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Where Does Azealia Banks and Doechii's Apparent Beef Stem From?

According to Los Angeles-based radio station 102.7 KIIS-FM, Doechii's reference to "the first time you came for me" seemingly stems from a recent rant from Azealia Banks. In a since-expired Instagram Story that is making its rounds online, Banks appears to refer to Doechii as an "ugly" version of herself.

"They find this kind of, like, ugly version of... well, she's not even a version, she's ugly," Banks can be heard saying in the audio clip below. "And I hate to call a dark-skinned girl ugly because she just is ugly. She'd be ugly if she were light-skinned. They find this ugly girl and they try to sic her on Azealia Banks."

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In the Instagram post and comments below, check out Doechii responding to Azealia Banks' potshot about what the Swamp Princess should name her fan base.

See the Back-and-Forth Between Doechii and Azealia Banks

doechii claps back at azealia banks on instagram
doechii claps back at azealia banks on instagram

Listen to Azealia Banks Reffer to Doechii as "Ugly"

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