Erica Banks is speaking openly about the intimate relationship she had with Finesse2Tymes. The "Buss It" rapper says sex with her former partner wasn't what she was used to.

On Sunday (March 12), Erica Banks joined Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Sierra Gates on the first episode of her new cooking show, Ghetto Girlz Eat. Over wine, the two ladies discuss things like social media techniques and being a woman in hip-hop all while cooking up a classic Southern-style dish—fried fish with yams and cabbage. However, things in the kitchen took a spicy turn when the topic of conversation switched gears to Erica Banks' former lover, Finesse2Tymes.

In the Ghetto Girlz Eat episode below, Banks and Sierra chop it up about her past romance with Finesse2Tymes. While Erica Banks was quick to refer to her fling with the Memphis spitter as "a cute moment" that was "fun for what it was" and ended on good terms, she said that being intimate with Finesse in the bedroom was a bit different than what she had experienced with previously.

"Sex was, it was cool," said Erica Banks around the 29:14-mark in the video below. "It was cool. It was cool for me, you know, because everybody got they own preference. I could've been just cool to him."

At that point, Sierra took the cues Erica was giving and pressed the Texas-bred rapper on what she meant by simply stating that sex with Finesse "was cool."

"When a girl say, 'It's just cool,' I ain't gon’ lie, it sounds like the man's thing was small," said Sierra Gates.

After a deep breath and a brief grimace while she took a second to process what she was about to say, Erica Banks replied: "Ah, well, it wasn't what I was used to. Let me say that. It ain't what I was used to. I'm used to a certain type. You know what I'm sayin’?"

Erica Banks' explanation about her former sex life with Finesse2Tymes comes just days after Finesse spoke on why, in his opinion, the couple ended things. In an interview with The Breakfast Club on March 10, the "Back End" spitter said that Erica's relationship goals simply didn't line up with what he looks for in a woman.

"I'm a man, so when I wake up in the morning and me and my woman...when I get up, my woman get up because it's time to cook, it's time to have some sex, it's time to clean up," said Finesse2Tymes. "And when you get up and you get in your phone, I don't like that. Don't get straight in your phone when you're around a man."

In response, Erica hit up Instagram Live to explain that she isn't a maid and couldn't accommodate the "servant" lifestyle that Finesse was looking for her to live wasn't possible. She also shed some light on why she looks at her phone when she wakes up in the morning, as Finesse2Tymes previously alluded to.

"Bookings happened on the phone, money is calling on the phone, they hit what to give you some bread, the phone," Banks explained.

However, when it was all said and done, Erica Banks maintained her stance that Finesse2Tymes is a good man and a funny person despite their relationship not working out.

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