Ice Cube isn't publicly putting his vote behind Donald Trump or Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election, but he's making it clear it's a personal choice to do so when the time comes. Not even rappers can sway this election, according to Cube.

Ice Cube Thinks Rappers Won't Change the Votes for Trump or Biden

The West Coast rapper appeared on the Fox Business program Mornings with Maria on May 13 to discuss politics and his Big3 league. Ice Cube is selling his first basketball franchise to DCB Sports in a $10 million deal. During the talk, veteran business journalist Maria Bartiromo asked Cube if he has felt a shift in the African-American community being that rappers and celebrities have turned their attention to Donald Trump.

"You know, people gonna make a decision on who they want to be president," Ice Cube shared. "You know, I think it's a personal decision. I don't know if they care on any rappers or entertainers get up there and say anything. It's really a personal decision. People know who Trump is. People know who Biden is. They gon' make their decision no matter who gets up there and pushes whatever decision they on. The country knows both of these guys very well. I just think it's gonna come down to a personal decision."

The presidential election will take place on Nov. 5. Donald Trump is the single candidate for the Republican Party while Joe Biden serves as the declared candidate for Democrats.

Trump has been a divisive figure in the hip-hop community ever since his first term in office in 2017. Not everyone agrees with his political stances, from dismissing the Black Lives Matter movement to backing stop-and-frisk policies. Ye was one of the former President's most staunch supporters, becoming an outlier among his peers. During Trump's time in office, he commuted Kodak Black's sentence on federal gun charges and gave a presidential pardon to Lil Wayne, who had his own federal weapons charges absolved.

There are many rappers who have publicly put their support behind Trump: Kodak, Sexyy Red, Chief Keef, Bandman Kevo, Waka Flocka Flame and Azealia Banks, among others. Ice Cube was once thought to be in Trump's corner, too. However, he set the record straight on that quick in 2020. The MC met with the Trump administration about the president's Platinum Plan for a potential reelection, and faced backlash for connecting with the political figure. Cube insisted he didn't care who was president, and was applying pressure to political leaders to ensure that the policies put in place would benefit the Black community.

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Check out what Ice Cube has to say about presidential politics below.

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