Joe Budden is again urging Logic to hang up his mic and join the rapper-turned-podcast host in retirement.

On Thursday (March 9), the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast aired on YouTube. Joe kicked things off by calling Logic out for the Maryland rapper's recent cover of Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day."

"Logic, I hate to continue to make a career at your expense," Joe began at the 4:17-mark of the interview below. "I don’t hate it, actually. I’m glad that I have a little list of you that I get to...that’s horrible to say. One day I’m gonna grow up."

"Logic, I beg of you, I’m pleading with you: please join me in retirement," Joe Budden continued. "Never step near a recording device again. Throw your phone in the ocean. Be allergic to microphones. Promise your fans nothing. Don’t go to the studio ever again. You are the worst, yo. You are really, really bad. And then when we think he can’t get any worse, you have the bright idea of doing an Ice Cube flip."

"Let me make my problem with Logic very clear, because people be confused," Joe Budden continued. "Logic is just not himself. I just think that Logic should be himself. He panders to the Black community every other second. Well, that’s the problem with panders, is that they always gotta find something new to pander to."

"I had a beef with him since he did that 1-800 mental health number shit," Joe added, referencing Logic's hit song "1-800-273-8255." "I thought that was disgusting, but I could have been wrong. But ever since then, all of that Martin Luther King, ‘We Have a Dream,’ freedom fighter speech shit he be trying to do, I don’t buy it. Now, I can be wrong in that. I don’t know where to begin with why I don’t buy it. I think that if you have to do so much pandering to make someone believe it, then I think you’re trying to make yourself believe it.

Joe Budden has called for Logic to let go of rap in the past. In 2019, he called Logic easily one of the worst rappers to grace a microphone. When Logic announced his retirement in 2020, Joe commented that Lo should have retired a long time ago. A week later, Joe apologized for celebrating Logic's retirement. Logic lated admitted that Joe's words fueled his depression.

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