Although rappers like Drake, 2 Chainz and more attended billionaire businessman Michael Rubin's all-white party last week, Lil Wayne said GloRilla was the only artist that approached him and talked to him.

Lil Wayne Shouts Out GloRilla for Speaking to Him

On Sunday (July 7), Lil Wayne hopped on Instagram Live to speak about some recent events he attended, like the 2024 Essence Festival, for instance. Before ending his IG live session, which can be seen below, Weezy F. Baby spoke about his time at Michael Rubin's Fourth of July all-white party in The Hamptons. After giving a recap on his "unforgettable" experience at Michael Rubin's fun-filled event, the New Orleans rapper revealed that GloRilla made sure to greet and converse with him.

"Shoutout to Glo," Lil Wayne stated in the video. "GloRilla was the only person that came up to me and really hollered at me. You feel me?"

From there, he shouted out football player Tom Brady for approaching him as well and complimented Tom's outfit at Michael's shindig.

During Michael Rubin's all-white party, Weezy performed hit singles "Lollipop," "Steady Mobbin" and more. He wore a black beanie hat and an all-white ensemble.

Lil Wayne not being greeted by any artists at Michael Rubin's party seems out of the norm, considering that he has a close-knit relationship with multiple rappers who attended the soiree.

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GloRilla Reacts to Love From Wayne

On Sunday, Big Glo responded to Wayne's kind words. She shared the Wayne clip on X, formerly known as Twitter, along with the caption, "I luv Wayne [heart emojis] fav rapper of all time."

Wayne responded to the shoutout, "Appreciate ya @GloTheofficial."

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Take a look at Lil Wayne talking about GloRilla greeting him below.

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