Fans holding out hope for a new OutKast album might need to recalibrate their expectations, according to frequent collaborator Sleepy Brown.

Sleepy Brown Tells Fans OutKast Is Over

On Monday (June 12), TMZ caught up with up with Organized Noize member Sleepy Brown at Los Angeles International Airport and asked him to give fans an update on the status of legendary Atlanta duo OutKast. Sleepy's assessment of the situation was a bleak one.

"Will OutKast come back together? No, they not," Sleepy Brown revealed. "[Andre 3000] is on a whole other journey. He' know, he's doing something right now. But, me and Big [Boi], we still doing it. Still doing tour and stuff."

"Don't hold your breath for no OutKast reunion," Sleepy Brown added. "Don't do it to yourself. It's not gonna happen. If you wanna see us, it's gonna be Dungeon Family. That's about it."

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When Was the Last Time OutKast Dropped an Album?

OutKast's last official group album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below dropped back in September of 2003. The album won Album of the Year and Best Rap Album at the 2004 Grammy Awards. In 2006, they released the Idlewild soundtrack. Shortly afterward, Andre 3000 distanced himself from the music industry.

What Happened to Andre 3000?

Andre 3000 has appeared to have lost interest in making music, only appearing on a dozen or so songs over the last two decades. Over the years, there have been rumors that 3 Stacks would drop a solo album. However, the Atlanta rapper seems content showing up at random places with his flute.

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