While most top-notch rappers have certainly proven that they can spit clever lyrics covering a wide array of topics, the best of the best have reached their highest successes by going back to the well over the years. Many of these rhymers have subject matter that they've mastered that adds to their acclaim.

Pusha T is always top of mind for most hip-hop heads when it comes to selling drugs, specifically, the powdery substance known as cocaine. Verse after verse, the Virginia MC never ceases to amaze with mind-blowing punchlines and was even dubbed the "Vincent van Gogh" of the blow" when he graced the cover of XXL Magazine in the winter of 2022.

While Wiz Khalifa seems to have a rap for every time he rolls one up, and Lil Jon just can't seem to stop getting crunk, Paul Wall has made an entire career in music and beyond with his innate ability to cleverly create bars solely focused on the icy tooth coverings commonly referred to as grillz.

Before she became a household name due to her meteoric rise in the rap game, Cardi B earned her stripes as a popular dancer in New York City gentlemen's clubs and has carried that lifestyle into her music career. Lyrics that further solidify her stance as a standout sex symbol are her calling card.

Other rhymers who've reached their pinnacle with a particular subject include Drake and Future, who both love leaning into their often-toxic takes on romantic relationships as well as Ice-T, who proves pimpin' ain't easy.

Here, XXL breaks down many rappers who have proven to excel when rapping about one subject.

See the Rappers Who Excel in Rapping About One Subject

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