Shy Glizzy is facing sexual misconduct allegations by Only Fans model Sky Bri.

Last Tuesday (Jan. 3), Twitter user @Milagro Gramz posted a video from the No Jumper podcast of Only Fans model Sky Bri accusing Shy Glizzy of sexual misconduct during the filming of his "White Girl" music video. The No Jumper interview initially aired on YouTube last Monday (Jan. 2).

In the clip, Bri alleges that Shy Glizzy, born Marquis Amonte King, spent the entire shoot flirting with her and forcing her to take drugs. Under duress, the OF model said she took a small dosage of a drug he allegedly gave her and carried on with the video shoot. Later, according to Bri, Glizzy entered her dressing room and allegedly demanded that she performed oral sex on him. She declined.

Afterward, Bri alleges the D.C. rapper told her that she wasn't going to get paid because she didn't perform fellatio on him. According to Bri, she hasn't received her $5,000 fee for her work in the music video and is possibly considering legal action.

Twitter user @Milagro Gramz also posted a video of Ant Glizzy, a purported member of the Glizzy Gang, claiming that Shy Glizzy is known for "spiking bottles."

"Any girl that ever been around the Glizzy Gang, was super duper drunk as shit just think about it, now think about it," Ant said on Instagram Live. "Now this shit is like the #MeToo movement."

"He been doing this shit for 10 years, I swear to God. It’s at least 20 people that’s gonna come out and say this shit," he added.

Ant continued: "I been told y’all these stories. I told y’all he spike them. He been doing this shit for 15 years on GQ. Like, any girl...that ever drunk with the Glizzy Gang at a club or at a table, you was extra drunk. All you gotta do is ask him."

Shy Glizzy has not responded to Sky Bri's accusations or Ant Glizzy's comments as of yet.

XXL has reached out to Shy Glizzy's rep for comment.

Watch Sky Bri Call Out Shy Glizzy and More on No Jumper Podcast Below

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