Sukihana thinks Freddie Gibbs' leaked nude photo is cute.

Sukihana Compliments Freddie Gibbs' Leaked Nude Photo

Sukihana thinks Freddie Gibbs' leaked nude photo wasn't a big deal. During her appearance on The Danza Project podcast, which premiered last Thursday (Feb. 29) on YouTube, Suki defended Gibbs and his infamous nude backside photo on the program.

It all started when cohosts Danza and Kato brought up the taboo subject of anilingus, which Suki proclaimed she was a fan of the intimate act. When Danza mentioned "Spreadie Gibbs"—a nickname which internet trolls have tagged Gibbs—Sukihana asked, "Who’s Spreadie?"

The hosts then explained that it was Freddie Gibbs who "f**ked up with the wrong girl" and she leaked the now infamous nude photo of him. Realizing that they were talking about Gibbs, the saucy rapper defended the Indiana rhymer.

"I think it was cute," Suki said in the video below at the 24-minute mark. "I liked how it looked. It was nice to me."

"He cares," she jokingly added. "That’s my friend."

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Freddie Gibbs' Ex-Girlfriend Leaks Nude Photo of Rapper

On Valentine's Day, Freddie Gibbs's ex-girlfriend Destini Fox made a subliminal remark regarding the deterioration of their relationship during an interview on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Blocking me on twitter while i have a picture of you spreading your a*shole in my phone is insane … imma spare them that one though," she wrote in the cryptic post.

A couple hours later, she had a change of heart and shared a photo of a man holding his butt cheeks open.

"Spredding love, happy Valentine’s Day," she captioned the NSFW pic.

Destini shares a child with Freddie Gibbs and recently released a diss track aimed at the rapper called "New Baby Mama" under the alias Fit Mami.

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Watch Sukihana compliment Freddie Gibbs leaked nude photo on The Danza Project below.

Watch Sukihana Talk About Freddie Gibbs Leaked Nude Photo

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