VonOff1700 is quickly standing out among an up-and-coming generation of Chicago rappers. While Von and his music are certainly influenced by Chi-Town's signature drill sound, the 21-year-old spitter prefers not to be pigeon-holed into one subgenre. His tough-talking street raps are complemented by warm, bass-heavy 808s that tend to be uptempo and hype.

Standout singles like "Opps On Deck" and "Free Brick (Freestyle)" have amassed millions of streams across platforms like Spotify, YouTube and TikTok. In the two weeks since he dropped his debut mixtape #FreeMyHoodF**kYoHood, VonOff1700 has earned cosigns from Sexyy Red, Rod Wave and Polo G, among others.

VonOff1700 comes through XXL's The Break: Live to chop it up about performing in front of a hometown crowd with YTB Fatt, dropping his mixtape one week after landing a record deal, his off-the-top recording process and more. Watch the interview below.

Age: 21

Reppin': Chicago

Instagram: @vonoff1700

TikTok: @vonoff1700_

Notable Releases: Songs: "Opps On Deck," "Free Brick (Freestyle)," "Swing It" featuring MAF Teeski and Big Opp; Mixtape: #FreeMyHoodF**kYoHood

Label: Signal Records/Columbia Records

Currently Working On: #FreeMyHoodF**kYoHood (Deluxe) due out this summer and a yet-to-be-titled album arriving later this year.

Influenced by: "I would say Polo [G] for sure. I f**k with Polo hard."

When did you first start rapping?

"On bro, I was thought I was going to be a hooper but once I got to high school, I knew that s**t wasn't going to work out. My big brother was rapping around the same time, like high school and s**t, ninth grade. But I only started taking it serious in like 2020 though."

Which hip-hop album do you always go back to?

"It'd probably be Lud Foe's No Hooks. He got a lot of s**t on there, that b***h hard. Cap [Polo G] too, Die A Legend. It's a lot of tapes I be listening to."

My standout moments to date have been: 

"Probably just a lot of rappers I f**k with listening to my s**t. That s**t be surprising me crazy. Polo, Rod, Sexyy, it's a lot of muthaf**kers. I be listening to they s**t so it's like that be kind of funny watching them listening to my s**t."

My goal in hip-hop is: 

"I need to get rich as f**k to take care of my whole family and s**t, you know? But with my music, I need plaques for all my s**t. I want to have a wall full of them b***hes."

Watch VonOff1700's The Break: Live Interview

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"Opps On Deck"

"Free Brick (Freestyle)"

"Swing It" featuring MAF Teeski and Big Opp

"Walking Lick"


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