A witness in the YNW Melly double-murder trial testified that Melly had on a change of clothes at Fredo Bang's house shortly following the murders.

Witness Testifies YNW Melly Had on Change of Clothes Following Murders

On Monday (July 10), day 12 of the YNW Melly murder trial commenced with the testimony of Treveon Glass. Glass testified that he'd known the victims YNW Juvy, born Christopher Thomas Jr., and YNW Sakchaser, born Anthony Williams, for years and had been working on beats for the YNW collective. On the night of the murders, the foursome had booked studio time with Glass at New Era Recording Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Fla, Glass testified. However, the session ended prematurely when Melly and Bortlen fell asleep in the studio. Glass went on to say everyone left the studio, with Melly, Bortlen, Juvy and Sakchaser getting into the Jeep Compass that would be the scene of the murders.

Upon going home and falling asleep himself, Glass claimed his phone began blowing up hours later with news of the killings. He went to the hospital and later went to Fredo Bang's house where he saw Melly for the first time since the studio session.

"He wasn't wearing the same clothes," Glass told the jury in the video below. "He had on some shorts."

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The Fredo Bang Connection

The prosecution has been out to prove that Fredo Bang is connected to the aftermath of the murders. They say he picked up Melly from the crime scene while Bortlen transported the bodies of Juvy and Sakchaser to the hospital after they were allegedly shot and killed by Melly in the car. During Monday's hearing, Miramar Police Department lead Det. Mark Moretti read a text from Fredo Bang to YNW Melly, which was sent right after the murders. The text reads: "Miramar fl 33029 I’m On my way! Right now blood."

Fredo Bang refused to answer questions about the murders when the prosecution requested a pre-trial conference with the rapper last summer.

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See video of of Treveon Glass' testimony in the YNW Melly double-murder case below.

Watch Treveon Glass Testify About YNW Melly Changing Clothes Following the Murders of YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser Below

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