A key player in the events leading up to a deadly January 2023 shooting on the Tuscaloosa Strip and a critical witness for former Alabama basketball player Darius Miles' capital murder defense case has died, according to a report from AL.com.

As the Thread has extensively reported, Miles and his lifelong friend Michael Davis were charged with capital murder last January after a gunfight on Tuscaloosa's Grace Street left 23-year-old Jamea Harris dead.

Harris was fatally shot when Davis - armed with Miles' legally owned handgun - exchanged shots with Harris' boyfriend, Cedric Johnson.

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Cedric Johnson and Jamea Harris were in Tuscaloosa with her cousin Asia Humphrey and they were joined by three other men - Shu'Bonte Greene, Jack Thompson and a man called KeeVon who reportedly died shortly after the shooting.

Defense attorneys for Darius Miles have argued that Cedric Johnson and the three men with him were the original aggressors in the fatal shooting and meant to harm Davis and Miles over an earlier disagreement.

The case to prove that will be even harder after Shu'bonte Greene reportedly died in a Birmingham motorcycle crash, according to AL.com. 

Carol Robinson reports Greene was driving a motorcycle and was struck by a truck Sunday night in Birmingham - he was taken to UAB Hospital and pronounced dead there about half an hour after the crash.

Both Darius Miles and his friend who allegedly fired the deadly shot, Michael Davis, remain in the Tuscaloosa County Jail without bond where they have been for the last 15 months.

A hearing to consider whether to grant them bond has been twice delayed and is now scheduled for late April.

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