Ginuwine, the famous Tuscaloosa pony, has made his acting debut.

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After gaining popularity this year due to his runaway antics, Ginuwine has been featured in a new TV commercial for Tuscaloosa 311.

This won't be the first time Ginuwine has been on camera, though. He was caught on video back in March when Tuscaloosa Police tried to catch the escaped pony.

Since that great escape, Ginuwine was "arrested," and Tuscaloosa Police posted his mugshot on their Facebook page.

Courtesy of Tuscaloosa Police Department via Facebook
Courtesy of Tuscaloosa Police Department via Facebook

Ginuwine Mugshot

The pony now lives at Thereapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa (TROT) and even starred at TROT's Easter Egg hunt back in April.

Despite his past history of resisting arrest, Ginuwine has been given another chance at stardom--this time in Tuscaloosa 311's new advertising campaign.

"The moment we've all been waiting for," the Mayor's tweet reads, "Ginwuine's acting debut."

The commercial features the pony finding his way into a Tuscaloosa family's backyard, prompting them to call 311.

Tuscaloosa 311 is the local non-emergency telephone number for Tuscaloosa, available Monday through Friday, 7am-7pm. Tuscaloosa citizens can call this number to:

  • submit service requests
  • request assistance with permits or licenses
  • report a problem with city services
  • get information on city events

Or even report an escaped pony in your backyard.

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