His fans crossed all racial and economic backgrounds. From the North to the South. Black, white, and everything in between.  Everyone loved the comedian whose Southern roots were planted in a rich history and appreciation for the traits that joins us all: comedy and sports!

Apparently, expressing a dislike for elements that divide a nation—like racism and oppression, was too much for some to handle; and calling for the removal of a monument, which many see as an expression of hatred, offended enough for the voice of Jermaine “FunnyMaine” Johnson to have been described as inciting a riot.

So, what exactly did Johnson do?

Well, during a peaceful protest, he called for those in attendance to take down a Confederate monument.  He explicitly told protesters that he was against them damaging any business, and that they shouldn’t even touch a tree, but he was passionate about that monument being removed.

And that monument was indeed damaged and subsequently removed by a team of engineers the following day. However, others who were roiling with obvious emotion took matters into their own hands and began defacing area businesses anyway, and Johnson took the blame.

Because he was blamed, he then collected funds and distributed them to the damaged businesses for needed repairs.

It is said that a warrant was issued for Johnson’s arrest on June 1 and that he turned himself in on June 9.  His $500 bond was paid, and he was released without being placed in a cell.

In the current social and political climate, others will undoubtedly face reactions to their work.  The question is whether the motive of the action is related to hatred or healing. If it's healing, the consequences may be deemed a small price to pay.

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