Joyner Lucas has explained what actually sparked the beef between himself and Logic a few years ago.

On Wednesday (Dec. 2), during the most recent episode of Power 105.1 FM's The Breakfast Club, the 32-year-old rapper described how his problem with Logic was motivated by being jealous of the No Pressure rhymer's success.

"I think I was jealous of him," Joyner began after being asked by Charlamagne Tha God about the origin of his beef with the newly retired rapper. "But I think... The reason why I say that, though, is because I felt like where he was at at the time is where I wanted to be so much."

As the conversation continued, Joyner expounds more on how they reconciled their issue with the help of Royce 5'9".

"I had called that man because I had an epiphany," he told the radio show hosts. "I had got to a certain place, in which people started expecting things of me. And people started expecting that I just do shit. People that I didn't really know like that. And, I lost a lot of people and it clicked. I said everything that I accused this guy of or I was [jealous] of, it's happening to me. I know how it feels and it sucks."

Joyner then discussed how he called Royce. "I had called Royce, and I said, 'Royce, you can put me on the phone with Logic, bro? I need to talk to him,'" he revealed. "And he said, 'Yeah.' You know what I mean? He connected. And, as soon as he picked up, I said, 'Bruh, look. Don't even say nothing. I just want to tell you I apologize, bruh. I'm going through some shit right now, in which I understand the reason why you felt how you felt when I was coming at you the same way.'"

The "Will" rapper also shared the apology he offered to Logic. "I felt like at that time...," he told Log. "I felt like I was jealous of you because you were doing everything I wanted to do. You were dope, you were lyrical. You was ripping down tours. You had all these relationships with all these artists that I loved and respected. And, I really idolized you and I didn't even realize how much I did."

According to the ADHD rapper, Logic accepted the apology and was nearly moved to tears by his sincerity. Joyner said Logic's response to him was that his words were "the most sincere apology anybody in my life has ever gave me."

Joyner Lucas and Logic's beef stems back to about 2016, when they both were to appear on Tech N9ne's song "Sriracha." Apparently, Logic was supposed to get on the track first, then Joyner hopped on. Logic took months to get on the song, as revealed by Tech during a radio interview, and Joyner claimed that he could tell from Logic's verse that he wasn't happy about Joyner being on the record. Diss tracks between the two followed including Joyner's "Mask Off Remix (Mask On)" in 2017, and Logic's "Yuck" in 2018.

They clearly buried the hatchet when collaborating on their collab "Isis," which Joyner said he initially wanted Eminem to appear on, but Em was working on his own album at the time. After Joyner Lucas and Logic mended fences, Logic invited Joyner to his home. There, Joyner played their future collaborative effort. They later shot the visual and the rest is history.

Check out Joyner Lucas speak candidly on his issue with Logic stemming from jealousy at the 38:26-mark below.

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