Kanye West recently posted a video of himself delivering an angry rant in front of Gap executives.

On Wednesday (Aug. 31), Kanye, now known as Ye, shared on his Instagram account a video of himself going off on an angry rant in front of Gap executives in Atlanta. In the clip, the mercurial creator is giving a spirited pep talk to a group of people, urging them to get behind him as he plans to take the fashion brand to the next level.

During his speech, Yeezy shared his vision of having the strongest team possible at Gap and his dream to reinvigorate the American clothing industry. "We got to have the highest energy brand in the mall," he said.

Kanye also boasted how he sold $7 million worth of merchandise when he set up a bedroom at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and previewed his Donda album for fans in July of 2021.

The Chicago rapper-producer also delivered an ultimatum to Gap executives when it comes to his creativity. "I love Gap...you have to really give me the position to be Ye and let me do what I'm thinking or I have to do the thinking somewhere else," he warned.

During his speech or rant, Kanye also compared himself to seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and that Gap is his football team.

Near the end of the clip, Gap executives give Kanye a roaring applause, but he wasn't having it. "Don't f*cking clap...y’all are going to make me quit," he ordered. When the execs started laughing, Yeezy got more belligerent and said, "No, it's not a f*cking joke in Virgil's name, in my mama's name. I’m telling you what it is."

The video comes after the Grammy-Award winning artist accused Gap executives of allegedly having a meeting about his designs without him. "Gap held a meeting about me without me?" he captioned a photo on Tuesday (Aug. 30) that featured the clothing brand's iridescent visor-style sunglasses.

In another IG post, Kanye accused Gap of allegedly canceling a children’s fashion shoot without his knowledge. "But they canceled the photo shoot with my kids in Japan without me knowing," he wrote in the caption.

Meanwhile, Kanye posted on his IG account a screenshot of positive comments from fans who watched his aforementioned video. Additionally, he shared a photo of young students learning at the Donda Academy School. "The Doves first day at Donda praise God," Ye wrote in the caption.

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