Kevin Hart can get about any acting role he wants these days, but he still remembers the one that got away.

On Thursday (July 21), Peacock aired a snippet of an episode of Kevin Hart's Hart to Heart show with guest Mark Wahlberg. During the show, the two actors talked about the popular HBO television series Entourage, which was executive produced by Wahlberg and loosely based on his life. According to Hart, he was up for a role on the show that he ended up going to Bow Wow. Kevin recalled being initially excited about the role after hearing that he landed an audition.

"My manager calls me, 'Hey, they got a part. The part is gonna run over about three episodes. They wanna see you,'" Kevin said. "I walk in the room. Bow Wow is in the room. Fuck is Bow Wow doing here? I'll never forget it, I walk in the room, Bow Wow had on a big jersey and a du-rag. Fuck is Bow Wow doing in here?"

They both auditioned for the same part, with Kevin saying he felt confident that he killed his audition. He later learned the part went to the Ohio rapper after see Bow on the show.

"I just remember watching Entourage and seeing Bow Wow do the scene," Kevin said about the moment he realized he didn't get the job. "I was like, I lost a part to fucking Bow Wow. You know, Bow Wow is a very talented guy. But at the time, it hurt me."

He added, "I say that to say, at the time, the things you think matter the most, end up being the gift and the curse. Shout out to Bow Wow because he obviously killed it. And when I watched it, he was very good at the part."

Bow Wow was Charlie Williams for five episodes on Entourage, where he played the role of a stand-up comedian-actor who was looking to break into the industry. Apparently, Bow Wow had no idea Kevin was up for the role as well. On Friday (July 22), Bow posted the video on Kevin telling the story on Instagram. "I never knew this brother," he captioned the clip.

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