It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do just about everything. From the way we perform our jobs to our dining options, and even the way we spend our free time.

We've become more aware of necessities versus luxuries, our expression of love for our family and friends, and the behavior patterns of our children. (The latter is a different discussion for a different day.)

One of the greatest things to come from this pandemic though is the realization of how many things we can enjoy from home. Let's face it, no one really WANTS to pay to live somewhere and then spend more money to enjoy life away from the place where the majority of their money is spent.

So, we take on projects to make our homes-- get this --a vacation from everything else in life!

But even with that, every now and then we want to indulge in a luxury.  That still doesn't mean we have to leave home.  There are certain luxuries we can bring to our homes... like bouncy houses!

Two of Tuscaloosa's most sought companies for bouncy houses are K&K Bounce LLC and Bounce to the Beat! (Click the highlighted links to contact the respective business.)

K&K Bounce LLC has something for everyone. Most of us have seen bouncy houses at different events and wished we could jump around a little.  Well, they have items to accommodate adults, too!

One of their most sought pieces includes a small pool at the bottom of a water slide.


Bounce to the Beat is exactly what it says!  Music accompanies all the fun of playing in these! Their bouncy houses provide fun for children of all ages as well, and some of their houses include water features too!


So, if you find yourself in need of a bouncy house, be sure to check with these companies!

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