Kodak Black is calling out Boosie BadAzz for taking Yak's idea to put on an adult prom.

On Thursday night (May 19), Kodak hopped on Instagram to share a message directed at Boosie, who recently announced he will be putting on an adult prom in Atlanta in July at Clark Atlanta University.

“Ayo, Boosie. You know you my dirty, ya heard? I fuck with you," Kodak starts in the video. "But that ain’t gangsta, homie, if you don’t throw that prom shit with me, homie."

Yak went on to insinuate that Boosie BadAzz might have gotten the idea from him and ran with it.

"You already on a nigga drip, ’cause I was ’bout to throw the prom shit, homie," Kodak continued. "I was already doing that prom shit. You know the gangsta got set back a little piece. Had to get back on my feet type shit. But now I'm lit."

Kodak Black says he's been reaching out to Boosie about the event but not getting a response from the BooPac rapper.

“Since you’ve been talking about it, I’ve been letting yo ass know in private, and you ain’t saying nothing ’bout it," Kodak added. "So, this is why I’m doing it on some commercial shit, like all on the Gram, on TV right now. This is why I’m putting this thing on TV right now, ’cause you ain’t saying nothing. I’m letting you know now, bruh, that ain’t gangsta."

He concluded, "It's only right you do that like that. That ain't gangsta. I ain’t saying you ain’t gangsta. I’m saying that ain’t gangsta, fam."

Boosie BadAzz has been promoting his adult prom event, which is a part of his Boosie BadAzz ATL Weekend, heavily on Instagram. Earlier this week, he posted a video inviting dozens of industry couples to show up and show out.

Kodak Black missed his own high school prom in 2015 because he was incarcerated. He attended the following year with plans to arrive to the event on a horse.

See Kodak Black calling out Boosie due to the adult prom event below.

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