Ladies: West Alabama Men Know Better Than To Do This Right? 

For centuries, women have been shaming men for not knowing how to do things in the kitchen. Fellas, this move may justify how women feel.

Christmas in 2020 felt like it was for the adults. Brand new air fryers and Instapots were everywhere. Imagine cooking a fantastic meal in the family's new Instapot. The family finishes their meal and the lady of the house tells her mate to clean up the kitchen before bed.

Ladies, imagine you walk into the kitchen, and to your surprise, it's clean! the dishes are washed, everything is wiped down and looking nice and clean. You open the refrigerator to see if the food was put up and you see this......


I'm in a Facebook group and a woman posted a similar picture to this saying her husband said he "put the food in the fridge." Lol!

I can't lie, fellas, we have to do better than this. Putting the entire Instapot in the refrigerator isn't the move. I honestly don't know how that even comes across as a good idea. Do you wrap the cord up as well and stuff it behind the pot? At least remove the inside container and place that part in the fridge.

Ladies, on behalf of men everywhere, I'd like to apologize for our craziness. As smart as we are, sometimes we do need you to tell us exactly what to do. My question is, are there any men in West Alabama that have done this before ladies?

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