Lil Baby has helped his friend launch a new business and his hit song "My Dawg" could be its celebratory jingle.

On Saturday (Dec. 26), 4PF Kennel, a dog breeding business seemingly owned by both Lil Baby and a friend, who is also a member of his 4 Pockets Full (4PF) crew, announced via Instagram that the 26-year-old rapper helped him start his dog-breeding business.

In the photo shared on the company's official Instagram account, @4pf_kennel_, the owner, who appears to go by the name 4PF Don Juan Army, spoke out about how Baby helped him get into the entrepreneurship game.

"I Remember When We Came Up With This Kennel. It Had To Be About A Year Ago. We Talked For Hours About How You Wanted To Be In The Dog Business Since You Were Incarcerated.," the post begins.

As the caption continues, the My Turn rapper's friend explains how Baby encouraged him to carry out his plans and always showed him loyalty.

"You Looked Me In My Eyes And Said "Stay Focused, It's Easy To Fall Back In These Streets.' I Took That Advice To The Heart And Stayed Down. I Didn't Make It To Any Shows And Grinded My Ass Off. Shit Felt Good To Hear You Say "I'm Proud Of You Big... 6 Figure Nigga Now" It's Only The Beginning And We Already Winning. We Motivate Each Other Like Real BROTHERS ...#LilBaby #NoMoInstagram #Albummode."

In other posts made to the 4PF Kennel social media account, Lil Baby is named the CEO of the company. "Marry Christmas To My Family @lilbaby_1 Always With Me My CEO A Real 1 Fashoo ...#lilbaby #canecorso," an Instagram post reads that features Lil Baby holding a puppy.

In another clip, Lil Baby says, "...A whole business, 4PF Kennel... People call me for chains. I need dogs."

4PF Kennel also shares its name with the Grammy-nominated rhymer's record label 4PF, which stands for Four Pockets Full.

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