Lil Baby was apparently arrested overseas in France while attending Paris Fashion Week with NBA star James Harden today.

According to a report from TMZ on Thursday (July 8), Baby and Harden, a close friend of the rapper, were stopped by police while in Paris because they apparently were in possession of marijuana. While the details are sparse at the moment, multiple angles of video footage have surfaced online, which shows a number of Paris police officers surrounding and searching Harden while Lil Baby appears to be in custody.

In one of the clips, the Brooklyn Nets player can be heard telling law officials that he doesn't understand what is happening. In a second video, the My Turn rapper can be seen sitting in what looks like a police car.

Baby was reportedly among two other individuals who were arrested on a marijuana-related offense. Additionally, the car the rhymer and two others were riding in was en route when they were pulled over and officers reportedly smelled the drug in the vehicle. Twenty grams of marijuana was allegedly found in the car.

Meanwhile, a separate report via ESPN this afternoon claims that James Harden wasn't arrest nor was he taken into custody. The basketball star was detained while Lil Baby was reportedly arrested and taken to a Paris police station.

Kanye West was spotted with the two men while in Paris, but it's unclear if ’Ye is involved in this incident.

Baby and James Harden being spotted together in Paris this week is no surprise as the rapper and baller are pretty close. Last December, for Lil Baby's birthday, Harden gifted the Atlanta native with a Prada bag filled with $100,000, a Richard Mille Watch—which has a price tag of about $250,000—and a copious amount of Honey Bun snacks.

XXL has reached out to the Paris Police Headquarters and a rep for Lil Baby for a comment.

Take a look at the video clips from the scene below.

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