When nature calls, you have to answer it. Case in point: Lil Nas X had to pause his live performance early last week because he had to go poop.

Last Tuesday (Sept. 27), Lil Nas X had to briefly stop his Atlanta show at the Coca-Cola Roxy due to a bathroom emergency. The Grammy Award-winning rapper was performing on his Long Live Montero Tour when he abruptly went backstage to take a poop. In a clip that was posted on Thursday (Sept. 29) via @LNXNews, a Lil Nas X fan account on Twitter, Nas X informed the crowd that he would be back in "a minute or two" while he was pooping backstage.

"I'm backstage, and this is, like, not a part of the show, but I'm taking a mean shit, so please forgive me," he said in the video filmed by a concertgoer. "But I'm gon' be, like, a minute or two and I'll be right back."

The audience didn't seem to mind as they laughed hysterically at Nas X's candor while he handled his business backstage. There's no word on what the "Panini" rhymer ate that gave him the bubble guts.

Lil Nas X responded the next day on his Twitter page, telling his followers that he was really dropping deuces backstage.

"[L]mao people really thought i was joking," he joked. "I was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet."

Although Lil Nas X may have been embarrassed that he had to take a poop backstage in the middle of his show, it's good to see the audience take his bathroom emergency in stride.

Watch Lil Nas X Take a Bathroom Break in the Middle of His Live Performance Below

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