Lil Reese had some choice words for Quando Rondo this week after discovering that the Savannah, Ga. rhymer apparently blocked him on social media.

In a screenshot that has been circulating on the internet today (Dec. 10), the Chicago rapper, who was close friends with King Von prior to Von being shot and killed by a member of Quando's crew in Atlanta last month, called out Quando for blocking him on Instagram.

"Scary bitch ass lil girl," Reese wrote in a now-deleted tweet along with an image showing that he's unable to view Quando Rondo's IG page. Quando appears to have blocked the "Come Outside" artist because contrary to the post Reese shared online, which reads "User not found" and "No Posts Yet" on Quando's Instagram, Quando's IG page is active and currently contains 135 posts.

llilreese300 via Twitter
llilreese300 via Twitter

Quando Rondo hasn't responded to Lil Reese's since-deleted social media post.

The two rappers have exchanged words in the past, though. Over the summer, Lil Reese tweeted, "I ain’t gone lie when I catch @quando_rondo again I wanna see what all that tuff shit bout. Beat tf out that lil boy he 2 little."

What led Reese to post that tweet is unclear, but it may stem from the two rappers poking fun at each other's low album sales this year. However, Quando seemingly responded in an IG video, saying, "Man, that nigga ain't gon' do nothin' to me." Quando didn't name-drop, but it was speculated that he was referring to Reese in the clip.

Last month, rumors began circulating that a show Quando had scheduled in Brunswick, Ga. for Thanksgiving weekend was canceled because Lil Durk, another close friend of King Von and the head of Only The Family, the label Von was signed to, purchased all of the tables at Quando's event. While there was no confirmed truth to those reports, the venue, Shockflow Entertainment & Event Planning Center, announced via Facebook on Nov. 9 that the concert was canceled due to Quando's "legal situation."

Quando Rondo later claimed that he didn't have a show booked at that location on the song "End of Story." Quando appears to discuss the shooting incident that led to King Von's tragic death on the track.

No word on why Reese removed his Twitter post.

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