Lil Yachty is sticking up for a small-town boy facing in-school suspension for an outdated dress code.

On Tuesday (Dec. 15), TMZ caught up with Lil Yachty at Los Angeles International Airport, where they asked the rapper about Trevor Wilkinson, a 17-year-old student at Clyde High School in West Texas, who was punished for wearing nail polish in school in November.

When asked how Yachty felt about Wilkinson being placed on in-school suspension for expressing himself with nail art, the rapper asked, "Why do we still have barriers?" He continued, "If somebody wants to express themselves and it's not harming anyone or bringing anybody down they should be allowed to do so. I don't really see the purpose."

During the conversation with the cameraman regarding Wilkinson's incident, Yachty is seen wearing Christmas-themed nails. This is one of many nail designs the rapper has been spotted rocking in recent months.

The SoundCloud era rapper revealed he has been working on his own line of polish. "I've been in development working on my own nail paint," Yachty revealed. "It's called Cree."

Lil Boat has gotten his nail art manicures and pedicures by a technician who goes by the Twitter handle @SplashyStackss. One of the nail designs Yachty had done by the woman appears to be a snowman, the BMW car symbol and an image of the Earth. He also has the four suits—spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds—in a deck of cards painted on his toes.

The 2016 XXL Freshman also explained how his nail polish line is unisex  but male-focused. "It's essentially unisex, but I want it to be more focused on men to use it and be comfortable. Bruh, it's 2020. It's ’bout to be 2021. What are the barriers?" he asked.

Lil Yachty isn't the only rapper who has been seen wearing nail polish. Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky have shown their self-expression through nail art, too.

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