You know I love some Lizzo! It's because she's representing for what I like to call "Team Fluffy." I knew she'd do something for halloween but never guessed it'll be this! Check out this pic she posted on her Instagram as she's "Puttin the Queen in Halloween."


It's just something extra sexy about those five skittles sitting in her belly button!! It's hard to imagine Lizzo doing anything and not killing it. It seems like that same energy has rubbed off on her fans.

A fan out of Minneapolis, by the name of Marques Johnson, recreated Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You" Album cover for Halloween and I must admit, he did the album cover justice!



After seeing this picture I need two things. I need Lizzo to repost this on her Instagram because he earned himself a repost. the last thing I need is to know where he gets this confidence from!!! LOL!


It's unclear if Lizzo has seen the recreation yet but I'm sure once she sees it, she will love his creativity and confidence! She might even post another picture to 1-up Marques. Either way, it's safe to say that Lizzo wasn't upstaged this Halloween but inspired a well appreciated photoshoot by a fan.




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