What's the most outrageous this you've seen at a wedding reception? This video might take the cake, in a good way because sis showed out!

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As I'm scrolling on Twitter, I came across a video of a bride holding a microphone at her wedding reception. I have to admit, as a wedding DJ I was thinking, "Uh oh. What went wrong?" I've been the wedding DJ at so many ceremonies and receptions and usually when the Bride or Groom are holding the mic as I saw, it meant something went wrong.

Gladly, I found out I was wrong. There was nothing bad about this video. It was more than fire! The Bride grabbed the mic at her reception and started dropping bars!

This bride has people preparing their wedding bars.



Maybe you caught yourself watching the video and bopping like this.


While we were all enjoying the bars, other people had something else catch their attention.



What could be interested at a reception is a rap battle between the bridal party. How lit would that be? They'd have to come with the heat!


The best part was the end. As a wedding DJ, I highly advise against this, unless you pay for it but she should've dropped the mic. It was on,y right after how she killed the beat, looked beautiful in her dress, and delivered that last line.

Would you ever rap at your wedding reception? What about a rap battle between your bridal party. Do you think that's a good or bad idea?

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