Meek Mill is still taking jabs at 6ix9ine on Twitter. This time, it's about Tekashi's new song.

On Friday afternoon (May 8), Meek weighed in on Tekashi's record, "Gooba," moments after the Brooklyn rapper released it. "Shit superrrrr trashhhhhhhhhhh .... you gone up a 100 shots stop turn Durkio and nav back on!," he wrote.

In the video for 6ix9ine's new record, he admits to snitching while also replacing his face with a cartoon rat. “You're mad, I'm back/Big mad, he's mad, she's mad, big sad/Ha-ha, don't care, stay mad/Ah-hah, ah-hah, ah-hah/Ha-ha, bitch, I'm laughin' 'cause you big mad/See it in your face, cry baby, bitch you big sad/Niggas tweetin' bout me, got me trendin', bitch, you big sad/Tell me how I ratted, came home to a big bag,” 6ix9ine raps on "Gooba."

Just before 3 p.m. today, Tekashi released his first record, "Gooba," since being arrested on federal racketeering charges back in 2018. A promotional billboard for the record was placed in New York City's Times Square on Thursday (May 7), which showed the rapper wearing rainbow braids and a colorful jacket.

Prior to 6ix9ine releasing "Gooba," and the accompanying music video, the rapper announced that he would be making his return to the rap game. Tekashi alerted fans of his comeback shortly after receiving permission from a judge to actually shoot the video in the backyard of his house while on home confinement.

6ix9ine was released from prison early on April 2 because of the coronavirus outbreak. Due to the rapper's medical condition of asthma, which would have made his bout with the virus difficult had he contracted the illness in prison, a judge granted Tekashi a compassionate release.

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