Born in Birmingham and raised in Tuscaloosa, Arthur Tyson is a multitalented alumnus of Central High School with a gift for both rapping and singing, skills he highlighted in his stage name, 2way.

Tyson said his earliest singing memories go all the way back to performing in at-home talent shows with his six sisters.

He said he started taking music seriously when he joined a singing group called the City Crooks when he was still a teenager.

"I was 18 and we was doing these shows and singing competitions and we kept winning money," Tyson recalled. "I was like, 'Oh yeah, this is something that I can do, I can stick with this.'"

Tyson said one of his friends had a distribution deal with UGK records and that's what helped him get more exposure and eventually shoot a video for 'Mary Jane," his first track to earn accolades on Stone it or Bone it, a classic hot-or-not show on Birmingham's 95.7 Jamz

2Way said he typically writes his lyrics based on his own life experiences. 'Catch a Case,' for instance, revolves around his realization that he was not the father of his ex-girlfriend's child.


He said he draws inspiration from growing up in the church and from all of the greats, especially Luther Vandross.

Tyson said his favorite in-person performance was during one of the University of Alabama's Hip Hop Summits, a short-lived but impactful program meant to examine and highlight the genre's role in Black culture.

"That was one of the biggest shows that I ever did, it was like 2,500 people there and I got an awesome, awesome response," he said. "The way they set it up was I was sitting in the crowd and when it was my time they played my music over the speakers and my mic came on and I started singing in the crowd. People knew me but they did not know that I could sing. I was so overwhelmed. I had to hold it together."

Tyson said he is currently working on a couple of new 2way songs but work keeps him so busy, it's often difficult to find time to work on his passion.

You can keep up with him on YouTube.

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