For as long as I can remember, chores around the house has always been a pain to do. Growing up my chores involved laundry, scrubbing walls, sweeping stairs, doing the dishes and so much more! I can say that I never gave my parents back talk, or attitude but I definitely didn't enjoy the chores lol. I also never got an allowance. If I asked for something the answer was yes or no, and there was never a discussion as to why not.


A mom on social media has gone viral for her way of dealing with her children asking for things they'd like her to buy. She posted the "jobs" that needed to be filled around the house and held "interviews" telling her kids "If You Want It, Work For It, Earn It." She didn't stop there, the house even has an in house credit union!





We salute this mom in her effort to teach her kids responsibility and prepare them for adult life. Would you try this with your kids?

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