I'm now almost 4 months into this fatherhood journey and it's definitely been a wild one so far. Sleepless nights, plenty of coffee, baby smiles, researching issues, and solutions to baby issues have all lead to my appreciation of bringing new life into the world.

It feels like every new month of my son's life we hit a new level. I remember when our biggest worry was getting him to latch on with breastfeeding. Burping him was another new thing that I had to learn and adjust to. With each stage there were creams, ointments, and tools that we bought to help us through these stages as parents. I've come up with a shortlist of things that helped us along the way. We've tried so many things but these items are the things that worked and helped us so far on our journey as new parents.


Playtime Mat 

My son can't get enough of his playtime mat. He loves grabbing and fighting with the hanging toys. He gets a kick out of the little mirror. He looks at himself and giggles all the time.


Baby Swing 



This swing puts my son to sleep instantly. He'll even wake up and chill in this swing until he needs his diaper changed. He's always so comfortable in this swing.


Burp Cloths 

This is something I didn't even know existed! I quickly found out how needed they are when we began the burping stage lol!


Aveeno Eczema Baby Cream 


My son has baby eczema and it scared us at first. We tried a few different solutions but this night balm works wonders!


Teething Glove 


We've just entered the teething stage and this glove is it! He can't get enough of it. I'm glad he nibbles on this instead of his hands.


Changing Table 


An overlooked jewel is this changing table. Sometimes we change him on the bed but this table is great! Check out how the shelves allow you to store all of the other baby products. I highly recommend this.


I'm interested to see what other tools and items we use in the coming months. I'm sure now that he's teething, we'll be shopping for more teething toys and soothing methods. We already have some toys stashed away form the baby shower that we can't wait to test out. We also have plenty of clothes to dress him up in and take pictures. That's like mom's favorite activity with our son. We have hundreds of pictures taken by mommy. LOL!

If you have any suggestions that were helpful with your kids as they grew up in the baby stages please let me know on Facebook @BigDawgDreDay. I'm always interested in what other parents used to help their kids as they grew up.

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