Mulatto is defending herself against claims that she said colorism isn't real.

On Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 1), the Atlanta rapper, who is half Black and half White, hopped on Twitter to denounce chatter that she said colorism doesn't exist while on Clubhouse, an invite-only, voice-based app that allows users to go into different rooms based on varying subjects and hold discussions with other users.

"I WOULD NEVER SAY NO SHIT LIKE COLORISM DOESN’T EXIST!," Big Latto tweeted. In a follow-up post, she wrote, "Please stop with the false narrative!."

While the audio of Mulatto making this statement doesn't appear to be circulating online, a tweet that seems to have sparked the conversation is.

"Why would mulatto go on clubhouse and say colorism isn’t real??????? ughhh," a user by the name of @kissmeriver typed on Monday evening (Nov. 30).

Shortly after, people's Twitter fingers went to work to share their thoughts on the claims against the Queen of Da Souf rhymer.

"Someone tried to do some PR for mulatto by highlighting that there are dark skin women in her videos and someone on her ownnnnn team said summ like “I disagree. We didn’t ask for dark skin women they just happened to be there”, why would u do that," one person said.

Another user tweeted, "i mean the girl’s name is MULATTO, what were y’all expecting her to do??? end colorism and incite the class revolution????."

A third tweet said, "Did it not occur that somebody who *voluntarily* chose the stage name "Mulatto" has malformed opinions on Blackness, or.....?."

In addition to people bashing the 2020 XXL Freshman for the supposed comments, her choice of rap moniker was criticized during the social media conversation as well.

"Ofc its UK folk on Clubhouse not understanding what’s problematic about the stage name “Mulatto.” No brains, just pip pip cheerio, innit, melted lace and vibes smh," one tweet said.

Another tweet read, "Do you really expect better from someone who actively chose the name mulatto?."

The term "mulatto" refers to a person who is of both Black and White ancestry. However, historically, the word has been deemed offensive due to its use during slavery.

See more reactions to claims that Mulatto said colorism doesn't exist below.

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