Michael Wyers of Brookwood, Alabama said in a social media post that he’s had enough. He’s tired of the object in the night sky, a drone, hovering over his property. The mystery drone reportedly hovers over other people’s property too. Michael is certain he’s not the only Brookwood resident seeing the mystery drone. Michael says it appears the drone is checking out private property or something. In Brookwood Alabama. Michael Wyers is requesting that if you know anything about this drone and its mission, or if you have the resources to look into this, please take action.

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There are reports that other people have seen the drone flying over the Brookwood area. Who does the drone belong to? Why is it hovering over people's property in Brookwood? Have you seen it? Please share any photos or information you have about the mystery drone seen in Brookwood. Drones are equipped with cameras and have the ability to zoom in for photographs. Even the ability to look in windows. This is an absolute invasion of property.


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