During the COVID-19 outbreak, schools closed the 2019-2020 year in favor of online education.

For some parents, this has been a difficult time.  For others, it's been a bit of an adjustment but hasn't been so bad.

Whatever the case, teachers have been wonderful in using technology to not only communicate with parents but also to remain in contact with their students and make sure they're mastering the skills they need to complete their current grade levels.

Unless parents have access to personal information for their children's teachers, it is difficult to show them just how much they're appreciated, as you can't send a gift to school with the student.

The Remind app is useful in communicating with teachers.  However, teachers don't get to be the envy of their colleagues.  (You know how it is when you receive flowers at work or walk out with gifts.)

So, help us honor our teachers!

Comment with the names of your child's teacher, and state something that makes that teacher worthy of honor.  It can be a teacher from this year or years before. As long as they've made a significant contribution to your child's education, they deserve to be reminded of how great they are as well as why they chose to teach. We all need these reminders from time to time, no matter the career; but today is for teachers!

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