Necessities For The Perfect Movie Night

Outside is slowly opening back up, and that includes movie theatres. There are still people who'd rather stay home and have the perfect movie night.

Over the last few weeks, there have been some major movie releases. Godzilla vs Kong was a huge release  few weeks ago. This week it was the new Mortal Kombat movie. Usually, people would be packing out movie theaters left and right for a chance to see these new movies. Since COVID-19, that isn't really the case.

Netflix has been the go-to for watching movies at home but when it came to new movies, there was no option. Due to the pandemic, companies started releasing movies to streaming platforms instead of theaters and it's a game change! You mean to tell me I can sit at home, comfortable, in my pajamas and watch the newest movie?! Count me in!

Ok so let's say we're doing this. You're at home on a Friday night and a new movie just dropped. What do you need to make sure you enjoy your new movie? I like to be in the perfect mood to watch movies. I need all of the essentials and more!

You can't just throw the movie on and watch. It's an experience. I came up with a list of the perfect necessities that makes the best movie nights. Feel free to add to the list if I missed something. you can let me know on our free app!

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Movie Night Necessities

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